Education Courses

Teaching is a learning experience, and effectively engaging and inspiring students is a skill that must be continuously developed. The greatest learning occurs when adults:

  • Take responsibility for determining what they learn
  • Learn what is personally beneficial
  • Learn what they discover for themselves
  • Learn from both experience and feedback instead of just experience alone

The following are a few of the courses our consultants present to schools and educational systems. The elements of each course may be modified or extended depending on the needs of the school or educational system. Each course is also adapted to relate to specific locational requirements.


Curriculum Differentiation for Gifted/High Ability Learners in Mixed Ability Classrooms
(Two day course)


Curriculum differentiation ‐ continuing the journey 
(One day course)


Assessment: Issues, approaches and implications of summative and formative assessment with gifted / highly able learners
(One day course)


Evaluating a Program for Gifted / Highly Able Students – Leadership and Executive Teachers Course 
(One day course)


Understanding and Meeting the Needs of 2e Students
(Half or one day course)


Developing tiered learning to cater for gifted / highly able learners in mixed ability primary / elementary classrooms OR Developing tiered learning to cater for gifted / highly able learners in mixed ability middle school classrooms.
(Half or one day course)



  • Social emotional needs of gifted / highly able learners
  • Gifted / high ability learners in early Childhood
  • Gifted / high ability learners and adolescence

Please talk to us further about the unique needs of your school or system and how we might work together to achieve your goals and meet your professional learning needs.

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Education Courses