The ALDEA Education team work with schools and educational systems across the world to develop a consultancy and mentor process which utilises proven and research-based processes to develop sustainable practices in the design, implementation and ongoing evaluation of curriculum and programming options. These processes are built on the foundation that transformative practice in general and gifted education occurs when teachers are able to:

  • have open and informed discussions,
  • share understandings of educational outcomes and best practice in their classroom for all students, including the gifted, across all developmental stages of learning;
  • share and express their learning needs in their professional practice;
  • actively participate in professional development
  • experience support to develop effective and ongoing differentiated curriculum and programs across the school;
  • participate in ongoing evaluation of the match between learner needs and pedagogical practice which fosters the aim of all students experiencing personal bests in their learning; and
  • actively commit to regular dialogue within their team, with the Leadership team of the School, and with the academic mentors to ensure greater communication and understanding of best practice in¬†education.

Please talk to us further about the unique needs of your school or system and how we might work together to achieve your goals and meet your professional learning needs.


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