The ALDEA Education workshops, courses, coaching and mentoring processes engage educators in understanding, analysing and evaluating research based approaches in the education of gifted students and curriculum differentiation in mixed ability classrooms.

Whether these experiences are designed specifically for a school or an educational system or are from a suite of course options, the ALDEA programs provide frameworks to develop differentiated pedagogical structures, promote teacher professional learning, leadership development and transformative leadership practice. These options also include team building, problem solving skills, critical and creative thinking skills and the use of innovative technologies.


We specialise in:

Gifted Education
(Education of the Highly Able Learner)

  • Identification of giftedness
  • Responding to giftedness
  • Social and emotional development of gifted learners
  • Developing appropriate curriculum for gifted learners
  • Programming options for gifted learners including grouping structures and acceleration
  • Underachievement
  • Developing school policies and programs
  • Exceptionally and profoundly gifted learners
  • Gifted Learning Disabled - Twice-exceptional students
  • Technology and gifted learners


  • Developing conceptual frameworks
  • Integrated curriculum
  • Independent research projects
  • Developing differentiated units of work
  • Assessment: Summative and Formative approaches
  • Middle school and differentiated curriculum
  • Meeting the state or national outcomes documents in curriculum design
  • Subject specific curriculum differentiation


  • Innovative practices in schools
  • Leadership and visions for the future
  • The role of leadership in gifted education


  • Developing online courses
  • Using technology in a differentiated process
  • e-Learning solutions for gifted students

Coaching and Mentoring

Education Courses